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My family history begins in spring 1992.

After inquiring with my father and my grandfather in order to know our origins, the answer was: 'we come from Normandy and the first Boulard was a soldier ...'

That was sufficient to arouse my curiosity, I thus begin research. The neighbour of my father tells me to go to the library of Boucherville because there is a genealogical section. I tried to find my name, but without success, same thing for my father and idem for my grandfather. I then turn back on my grandfather name and find it. I continue my research and after two generations I have nothing.

I thus note that there was in the same area and at the same period, two people having the same first name. So I begin research with the second one and in 20 minutes, I go back up to 1745 and indeed, he was soldier. I shared my research with my father and grandfather in mentioning that first Boulard of our line was named Nicolas (coming from Talmontiers in diocese of Rouen in France, a village I visited in 2001 ) and in his honor, my future son would name Nicolas.

Today, my parents and grandparents never knew my son since they passed away, but I nevertheless held my promise by giving him the first name of my ancestor.

At that time, I found too easy to find my ancestors, then I undertook the realization of a directory, starting with the first Boulard of our line. At the beginning, I indexed in 1992 more than 250 Boulard in Quebec and Ontario, then in 2010 I was at more than 400.

Over the years, I completed my information: births, baptisms, marriages, burials, professions, copies of extracts from parish registers, etc.. Today, after a compilation of Boulard, I publish on internet the fruits of my labour. I did not finish, but I'm working part-time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, because I have many unpublished or incomplete information and I will be please to update all the information you can provide me.

Marc Boulard
Genealogist Amateur

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